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Sunday, 5 May 2013

No rowing yesterday but today PicoMicroYacht rounds Land's End

Yesterday the wind was too strong, a headwind gusting over 20 knots and the sea too rough to be out in a small boat, giving PicoMicoYacht at rest.

I had various alternatives to rowing - one was to put a rowing machine on the sea front in St Ives and 'row' the same distance whilst collecting money and the other was to cycle instead.

But I opted for going with the CASPA runners. We set off from Carbis bay, going through St Ives and on to Pendeen.

I haven't been doing any running training, so I was allowed half an hour head start and also I jogged through St Ives whilst the CASPA runners took their time having refreshments and wandering around with what they call the red boot in which people who want to donate can put in pound.

The red boot carrier, who I nickname the golden boot because he is so aimable that people find it even easier to give to CASPA, has to empy it at the refreshment stops because it gets too heavy.

Gorse everywhere

I pushed on ahead, wondering when the CASPA runners would overtake me, but then it dawned on me that most of the time we couldn't run properly - as on a flat road - so they might not be catching me up very fast. The coast path was strewn with rocks which meant picking your way at fast walking pace and then getting into a jog when it became more smooth. The up and down cliff tops were so steep it was like doing step  training in the gym.

My knees ached, but the good thing was that all the muscles that I had used the day before didn't seem to be required - instead a different set of muscles, which complained in a different way, but nevertheless were fairly fresh.

Along the way I was distracted by the spring flowers, seals and people coming in the opposite direction peering at my bright yellow CASPA shirt.

The weather has improved today, so I am going have a go at rounding Landsend and round the coast to St Mounts bay.

 View of the rocks off Sennen Cove with Cape Cornwall in the distance