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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Ivor's Plan

When my friend Ivor Reveley found out that I had rowed across the English Channel last year he asked me to join his charity run around the western tip of Cornwall. The idea is that I would instead row and his CASPA runners would see me off, jogging along the cliff tops, occasionally glimpsing PicoMicroYacht bobbing about in the sea.

A good plan, but I agreed with some trepidation. Western Cornwall sticks out in the Atlantic Ocean and rollers pound the coastline. My little boat is designed for estuaries and I only go out when the weather is fair and the sea kindly. But I am willing to give it a go, provided the weather is calm - I really hope I can do it.

The strength of the sea in this stretch of coastline is seen at Sennen Cove, a little haven close to Lands End, photographed at Christmas. As the harbour masters says "The difficulties and potential dangers of operating small boats from Sennen Cove should not be under-estimated . This is the Atlantic Ocean - the area is littered with rocks and shoal areas ; subject to the Atlantic swell , and affected by strong and varied tidal streams."